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Your work in this differs from the four "learning units" of this course. What you have here is an assignment that has two main parts:
  1. Reflective essay/diary that it's intended you work on all during the term, which draws facts from your unit summary forms and results in a first-person "diary" that you will use in the final exam as a historical source document. This writing covers 12 of the civilizations/eras that we study, as described on this chart, which indicates the unit in which each is studied. In order to confirm that you understand what's required I ask you to submit a draft of the FIRST PAGE (only) of your diary by the end of Unit 1. That page deals with the Lascaux civilization and the facts for it are provided in your workbook on page 4 as an example of the format of intended USF entries. 

  2. Conclusions work separate from your diary but based on it. This work is described in the Conclusions Work Instructions at the link below. The instructions are always accessible but the download for the conclusions work specific to a term may be activated about 80% through the term. This work is your "take home" final exam; this course has no traditional scheduled "final exam" during finals week. CLICK HERE to access the conclusions work instructions and downloads.

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