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Survey of Contemporary Computing
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Contemporary computer technology including digital sound recording and editing, image editing, and video creation and editing on Mac or PC computers to explore the science behind today's information technology and these applications as well as the internet and basic web site creation. Uses software provided free in the course. Course fulfills a Liberal Studies Program "Scientific Inquiry, Elective" requirement, is geared toward non-computer science majors. Assumes no prior knowledge or experience in computer science.One book required,
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Historical Foundations
of Visual Technology

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Survey of the development, application and meaning of visual technologies in a wide range of world cultures from pre-history to the present. Explores the intersection of the visual arts, architecture, and society in a variety of civilizations.. Considers works of art that emphasize mathematical, geometric and physical elements antecedent to contemporary graphic technology, including how the human eye perceives color and how modern technologies form images. books-image