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Course Overview

GPH-205 explores art and the technologies used to create it from prehistoric times to the present as a background for how images are formed and presented by modern computers. I designed this Liberal Studies online course to maximize your productivity using the capabilities of electronic technology to fit learning into the student's life. Here’s what you will find unique about this class and why students have enjoyed it:

You set your own schedule
within the term and can re-plan your schedule without penalty
None of your work depends on the performance of any other student; no group work is assigned. But it's possible to work in a team-of-two with a friend. Download a one-page .pdf that describes this option!No midterm exam.
No quizzes.
No discussion boards.

See a short video overview
or document of how the coursework ties together for productivity.
Two books required:

one is free to download

 the other costs less than $30 new and any used edition of it works just as well
The take-home final is posted 14 days before the end of the term and as with the other work, can be revised and resubmitted.
Every assignment is repeatable! You're able to revise and re-submit work for re-grading based on feedback I give you on your initial submission of it. This can raise your score but I am convinced that it also increases your learning.Grades are not curved. All your scores and all feedback is consolidated on one form that I update and send you each time I grade more of your work. This accumulates all of my feedback to you in one handy document!
Here’s an example
   I'm available as your personal mentor every day
from 9 AM to 9 PM
at (872) 205-0642
text or voice.

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