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This is a fully online course but there's an assigned printed textbook (The Story of Art) and a free electronic workbook (The History of Visual Technology, 4th ed.) that provide required readings and assignments. This web site gives you the links to class lecture videos and tells you what to read and when, and tells you what work to do. The web pages in the menu below are called "units", each of which is divided into groups called "sessions". Think of each session as a class meeting. The homework is at the bottom of each unit's web page. You'll receive a lot of feedback from me on your submitted work. My feedback will help you improve your work so you can revise and resubmit it for re-grading!
In this way I help you "perfect" your work! This is a "mentoring" approach to teaching and learning. Explore Helpful Hints too!

Questions? Text, call, or e-mail me 9 AM to 9 PM any day of the week (872) 205-0642                  Click here for HELPFUL HINTS!
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Unit 1 - Prehistory to Roman Empire (30,000 BC - AD 600)

Reflective essay and take-home final  << FINAL EXAM IS POSTED! 

Unit 2 - The Middle Ages (AD 600 - 1500)

Unit 3 - The Renaissance and Reformation (AD 1300 - 1750)

Unit 4 - Baroque and beyond (AD 1700 - 1890)

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